ATII Regional Homeschool Conference, Melaka 2008

Next up was the ATI conference, which was held in Melaka and was 11-13 September. The girls who came participated very well, considering the fact that the age gap was ranging from 6-year-olds to 13- or 14-year-olds! During large group, although the younger ones did get a little antsy (it had been a long day) they all still managed to pay attention and take part in the activities. Some of the girls were quiet at first, but since it was over three days, they warmed up some. :) Here are a few pictures:

Large group! The girls, especially the younger ones really enjoyed the singing, which I believe is what we're doing in the picture. :)
This year there were a whole lot of new crafts, specially planned by Carolyn and Cassandra Lo! Here is my group (12 little girls!) making a little memory verse booklet.

DAY TWO - field day! We rode buses out to the forest, where the ALERT Cadet was, for the whole afternoon. Led by Major Farr, we had a "paralympics" theme, where each team could compete in discus, javelin, Olympic torch relay, shot put and long jump. The girls always enjoy field day cuz it's like going on an excursion. :)
On the bus ride, which was filled with laughter and singing
The final heats! haha.. I think they're doing the javelin throw, which is really a foam noodle
Besides using our muscles (?) we had to use our brains. Using simple materials such as a styrofoam cup, plastic spoon, ice-cream sticks, tape and a mousetrap, we had to make a catapault to fling an eraser as far as possible. Most of the catapaults basically looked like this. And I think the record distance was about 12 feet!:)
This was another project we had to use our brains for. We had to build a boat out of, again, basic items, like a CD, a cup, straws, tape and a plastic bag. The boat which could contain the most pennies without capsizing won. It turned out that the youngest group held the record of 285 pennies!
The teams walking back to the bus at the end of the afternoon... it was a pretty long walk but the girls were good sports about it. :) My group in particular liked to run...

Aileen (from my group): Can we run noww?? Pleeeaase?
Me: Okay, you can run.
Girls: *feet pounding the road*
Me: Okay, STOP!
Charity: Stop so fast?? I wanna runnn!
Me: No, you see, coz we caught up with the other people alreadyyy.. if you want to run, we have to walk slowly, and then once they are further away, we can run. Okay?
Aileen: Oh! OKAY! Charity, we have to walk slow slow!

Here's the girls performing at the Parent Presentation! They did several memory verses (with actions!), and a few songs too. Parent Presentations always are a little confusing, but by God's grace everything went smoothly!
Some final pictures before at the end of the day... This was the last day and so a lot of pictures were being taken.
All the leaders from the ATI conference 2008! We really thank God because everything went well, the girls were mostly cooperative, and we had enough strength for each day! Without Him, we wouldn't have made it, that I'm sure!:)

This video is of the girls singing a song entitled God's Word Abides Forever during the Parent Presentation. The song was composed by Grace, just the night before the conference began! The girls really loved the song. :) Grace did a very good job with it! :) haha.. okay, that's all!

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