Outings with Bright Lights girls

I just thought I would add some things to what Jolynn posted before this.
It was a blessing having the Bright Lights team from America come to Singapore and Malaysia! They were very encouraging to all of us, and a huge blessing in many ways! Without them, all the conferences would be impossible. :) Here are some of the places we went with them in Singapore while they were with us in September...
Hort Park! (Dani's hilarious...)
East Coast Park! It was so hot. Haha:) It was their first day here and we went on a long, long bike ride from ECP to Changi and back. Even though they were jet-lagged, they still managed the ride really well!
From left to right: Liz, Priscilla, Petra, Naomi and Chrissy

Little India: Chelsea takes a big bite of Sev Puri or something of the sort
Singapore Zoo, on a tram ride!
On the ferry to Pulau Ubin where we went cycling on a tough terrain trail. It was pretty challenging, but fun, and we were rewarded by a lot of food at Auntie Suzi's house after that. :)
Sentosa: Jolynn, Sarah, Chrissy, Abigail and Nickie, who is talking about a concept in Bright Lights
Chrissy and Dani chased this gecko they found at the beach, and they actually caught it (in Chrissy's shirt) and played with it, to the terror (?) of some of the girls. :)
Dani and Chrissy proudly holding their new friend Balancing on a coconut tree! It was not easy to stand up there! haha.

We miss the Bright Lights girls very, very much! It was great having them, and we sure enjoyed it too! <3

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  1. hi guys, this is Deborah. You guys are great!

    Love In Christ
    Deborah Leong


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