DAD: an important part of my life

Wow, its been a long time since our last post! Thankfully, our meetings have not been as neglected as this blog! At our last meeting, we learned how to turn our hearts to our dads. We found out that that including doing things such as asking him for counsel, praying for him, expressing gratefulness, communicating with him and making it our goal to please him.

During our activity time, we put two of these points to practice. First, we prayed for our dads in six areas:

1. For his work

3. For his relationship with our mom

4. For his health and protection

5. For his leadership of our family

Next, we divided into groups and wrote poems to our dads.
I was impressed by the different ones each group wrote! Some were funny, some were serious, but all were interesting and original:) 

Abigail's team...


Families need a father
As a guiding hand
To offer us assistance
Help, but not command
Eager to serve us till the end
Rest he will in the promised land!


 D'Ette's reflective poem...

The storms of life produce many problems
And sometimes I just can't solve them
My father dear, will help me here
To strive to rise above them

Although he is not perfect
With many weaknesses to spare
I trust and believe in God's good will
My dad will always be there 


Danielle's most humorous poem...

Esther reading her team's poem...


My Father in heaven gave me someone
To love me, protect me and such
I never knew he could be so much fun
Daddy I love you so much!

My Father in heaven gave me someone
To learn from and show me the Lord
And tell how He created the moon and the sun
The Bible to use as my sword

Daddy, I'll never be finished with you
No matter what happens, I love what you do!


As you can see from the photos, a lot of concentration and effort was put into the writing of the poems!

Oh, and I love how many of you put what we learned during the lesson into your poems:) I see some familiar words...storms of life, protection, etc. A great job everyone! Hope your dads loved your poems as much as I did!!

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  1. I enjoyed seeing the pictures & review of your time together. It looks like a very challenging & encouraging meeting.



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