A True Iowa Experience

It was truly a blessing to attend the 10th Annual Turning Hearts celebration at the Bontrager family's farm on labour day. I don't think I've ever attended anything quite like it! Seeing so many large families, being on a farm, the ten degree weather, sitting on a hay bale, petting calves that live in "kennels". Hmm...any way we can re-create the experience in Singapore??

One thing that was really different for me was the music. Bluegrass type music is definitely not something we get back home! But I really enjoyed hearing the Bontrager and Bates family singing and seeing all the unique instruments they were playing:)

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways,
That I could not begin to tell you how good He has been.
He's my Friend, He's my Guide, He's my Shepherd, my Light,
The Lord has blessed me in so many ways.

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