The Inaugural FULFIL Conference

As I write this post some 4 months after the conference, I ponder on the memories that stand out. Surprisingly, it is not the months of preparation, not my fears and not the logistics or organization involved. As I look back, what is firmly etched in my mind is an overwhelming sense of what the Lord can do. That the Lord IS faithful when we rely on His strength to do hard things!

Our 2011 south east asia ATI conference needed a team to be in charge of the girls' track. Who would do it? We volunteered. With much prayer, we came up with the name: FULFIL. It stands for Finding Unending Love and Fellowship In the Lord. 

3 days, 18 leaders, 80 girls. Here are some highlights...

Our very co-operative leaders learning hand motions to the memory verse (1 John 3:1-7)

It was so easy to make the girls laugh:)

Object lesson illustrating how our minds are like sponges and we have to be careful about what we absorb!

Home skill groups were special times when the girls learned different things from treating stains to identifying asian vegetables.

Small group leaders have a special place in the girls' hearts!

Love how you can always count on girls to be attentive and take notes during sessions:)

So, what did the girls think about the conference? It was quite amusing to read response forms:)
"Lunch must be more. Rice is too dry. (1st day)" 

But mostly encouraging!
Benita (11) "Lovely, Excellent, Awesome, Great, Outstanding, Super! I love everything that is performed. I wish it wouldn't end. At least there's still a chance next year!" 
Rachel (12) "Very good job! 2 thumbs up:) Will be coming back next year I hope!" 
Christina (11) "I want to keep going for FULFIL
Sara (15) "This is my first time attending the conference and it was enlightening" 

And what did they plan to apply?
Margan (9) "I want be obedient to my parents because Jesus first love me." 
Felicia (15) "To remember that I'm not alone and I'm a princess of God.
Charis (10) "Do my devotions everyday and don't show partiality." 
Yasha (11) "I've learn that we must not be hypocrites." 

I'll leave you with a song that Carolyn and I collaborated on. As with the conference's theme, its about being a daughter of the king.

We seek to be happy, we seek to be loved.
But can the answer be found in this world?
When we look to God to fulfil our desires,
We'll find we're complete in Him, He knows our needs.

For God is my Father, an almighty king.
Yes, I am His daughter – glorious within.
Called out of darkness into His light,
Through Him I find beauty, joy and praise 

Surrounded by perfect love, fears disappear.
I'll trust God's grace and strength not my own.
My life I will live bringing glory to God,
I'll adorn myself with good works, make Him my all. 

A big thank you to all who were involved! Special thanks to Marie Peh for the pictures in this post!


  1. Thanks for sharing about the conference. I love the song you and Carolyn put together. Do you have music for it? Anyway that I could get a copy?


  2. Yup, I do...will email you a copy! :)


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