Of Flowers and Parents

Tea Lights is planned and taught not by me but by two fifteen-year-olds...Elisabeth and Natasha. Lest you think that I...1. do not like teaching younger girls 2. am trying to absolve some responsibility...let me explain that the purpose of this is to give these "younger girls" some training in leadership that has so greatly benefited myself! As of now, I still attend tea lights but am mostly there to support them. Its been encouraging to see their enthusiasm, willingness and diligence:) They've been doing a wonderful job!

At this meeting, we talked about the importance of respecting and honouring our parents...on top of that, developing a relationship with them! We ended off by making these pretty crepe paper flowers. They were a little unwieldy for little hands but finally, the flowers took shape and the girls attached them to cards of appreciation for their parents.

"Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right." -Ephesians 6:1

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