The Ultimate Goal: To Love God & Give Him Glory

2012 is a year of change for our Bright Lights group! Our age range of 10-21 year olds was becoming a challenge...especially in choosing helpful topics for all ages. So after 5 years of meetings, we decided to split into two groups. Tea Lights for the 8-13 year olds and Bright Lights for the 14-21 year olds.

The older girls (Bright Lights) are doing Sarah Mally's "Before You Meet Prince Charming" (BYMPC) as a set this year. An exciting topic for girls:)

"The Ultimate Goal" was our discussion for our first meeting. We discussed a story I stumbled across on the internet "The Good Christian Girl: A Fable". A story with a most shocking end to a seemingly ideal beginning. Sadly, a story that is also very real!

Some questions we discussed...
  • Can you identify with this girl's struggles? Why or why not?
  • When was the beginning of this girl's troubles? Of whose fault were her troubles?
  • Look for verses in the Bible that support or reject the "knowing ones" advice.
  • Re-write the end of this story. What changes could this girl make in her life to get back on the right track?
  • What is the main message you will take home from this story?

For me, the biggest lesson from this story is that it is not enough to know the right things or even do the right things in regards to purity. If our motive for it all is simply to have a good marriage, we are focusing on a temporal goal. Our ultimate goal should be, just like everything else in life, to love God and to bring glory to His name! Without this ultimate goal established, our study of BYMPC will accomplish little.

The ultimate goal is by no means easy to achieve but let's commit to making it OUR ultimate goal with the Lord's enabling!


  1. Jolynn,

    Thank you for your post. The purpose of life can get so complicated, but it is so simple. To love God and bring glory to His name.


  2. That story is quite sobering...good food for thought! Mel and I are starting Set 6 this week with our group. Thanks for updating. I enjoy hearing what you are up to!

    Miss you...

  3. Hi Jolynn! Sounds like your bright lights group is going great! We don't have any groups in KL at the moment, but on my own I'm studying Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Cost of Discipleship, George Muller from Bristol, and the Commands of Christ series. Have a great time with your group and may the presence of God be with you all! If I ever come to SG I would love to visit one of these BL groups. Discipleship is so important.... I'm glad you had a great conference and I hope there'll be a mother/daughter one in KL this year. Shalom from Rebekah in Malaysia!

  4. Anna and Melody!
    Thank you for your comments:) Glad to hear that your BL group is going well! Read some updates about your group in the recent BL newsletters...miss you both!

    What you're studying sounds great! Yes, do visit us if you're ever in Singapore and we have BL:)


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