Bright Lights Crop

Yes, we had a Bright Lights crop today!

Engrossed in our work...

Carmen's page!
entitled: sisters always

Jolynn's page!
entitled: like mom like sons

Abigail's page!
entitled: my funky dad and mom

Joy's page!
entitled: Family

Petra's page!
entitled: friends forever

And finally... Danielle's work!
entitled: daddy's girl

Deborah and Gabrielle's pages are not here, but they definitely look nice!


  1. Sorry I could not come but, it looks like you had a great time.:)

  2. hi everyone!

    i miss you all!

    the BL crop looks fun! and i've got to say that the pages were really nice.

    like hannah, i'm sorry to have missed it. oh well, hope to see you all soon next year.

    Anddd...Have a God Blessed New Year Girls! :D



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