Ministry outing on 21 December

Thank you, those of you who came for our 2nd Bright Lights ministry outing last Friday.

The manager at the elderly care centre (Simon) we visited was very impressed and expressed his thanks a few times;)

I also really thank God for His strength, especially when I had to give the forgiveness heart talk. It was probably my first speech in Chinese so I was really nervous...but it also helped that Simon helped interpretate so it didn't feel like I was talking alone.

Be encouraged, by God's grace we have planted seeds in these elderly's life that will hopefully bear fruit.

Okay, now on to the photos...

At the moment, I have only this one photo (courtesy of Danielle) I'll post more when I get more pictures from Pris;)


That's all then...have a great day ahead and hope to see you all soon!

P.S. Our next Bright Lights meeting will probably be on 7th January 2008.

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