Ministry Outing on 17 December did all of you find our first ever ministry outing? (Pls post comments;)

Well, as for me, I was really tired at the end of it all! We were hurrying here and there for almost all the time. My favourite programme of the day was the one at the child care centre. The kids were really responsive and it was GREAT to teach them. I'm sure many of you must feel the same way!

I want to encourage all of you and thank you for doing a good job!
I could really see some of you making an effort to help. Thank you!

Anyways, I said I would post some here they are ;)

Our singing practice

Pris, Evan & I doing our chalk talk

Singing...falalalala...I mean umm, Silent night;)

Our musical performance.

(Oh yes, thanks so much, violinists, clarinetist(?) and cellist, for agreeing to play even though I gave you such short notice;)

The children at the child care learning the Gratefulness song

Hannah and Elizabeth Fong explaining the candy cane legend

Danielle teaching the origami star craft

Evan, also teaching the star origami craft.

And finally, our group photo at our last stop of the day. Its really by God's grace that we're still smiling so happily at the end of our long day.

So, hope you all had as great an experience as I did.
And for those of you who didn't join us on this outing, hope you can join us the next time!



  1. This ministry outing has indeed been an enriching experience for me. I enjoyed helping and teaching at the child care centre the most too! :) The children were really interactive and interested. I really hope that one day, they will accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour. I enjoyed helping the elderly make the craft hearts. They were very friendly, responsive, and really determined to complete the heart! :) I hope too, that these elderly will come to God and experience His great love for them... :)

    p.s I'm really glad to be able to have this opportunity to help out at the ministry outing. I have learnt a lot from it.

  2. Great!! the pictures are out! yay!
    haha...i personally enjoy this trip because we got the opportunity to reach out to the younger children and the elderly in their care center. Although we don't know whether they did benefit much from our ministry, but that we have given our best on that ministry day!

    love ya all...hope we can do this again some other time!

  3. I will always remember our first Bright Lights Ministry outing:) I agree that the children at the child care centre were easier to connect with than with the elderly folks - especially because I can't speak chinese!:P But by God's grace, He gave us the words to say and His love to demonstrate to them! I had a really great time! Great planning, Jolynn! Thanks to the moms were also a great big help, in driving us and to my mom, for helping me fetch things that I had forgotten, even though I didn't ask her:) Love you all!:)

  4. I am really glad I came.It was really fun.I look forward to go for another outing.:)Loving all of you!


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