Christmas Fishing! (Jolynn's team)

The name Christmas Fishing sounds intresting! And yes it is!
Both the teams had lots of fun around the condo handling out tracts, caroling and much more!
We thank God for stoping the rain and giving us all boldness in our speaking and our presentations:)

Here are the pictures of Jolynn's team!

Team members: Danielle, hannah, Amanda, Petra, Faith, Elizabeth, and Priscilla.

Discussion time!

A picture of a Christmas tree.

A picture which represents a log cake.

Someone kissing a star.

One picture of my team:)

And another picture which also represent a log cake.

Something red.

Another picture of a Christmas tree.

Something red.

Something white.

Rush! Rush! Rush!

Great planning brings great success!

Thank God once again for giving us a GREAT time showing others God's love:)

God bless you! And thank you for reading.

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  1. Hi phoebe,

    Thanks for posting! Its nice to see all the photos of my team;)


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