Christmas Fishing! (Evan's team)

I thought both teams did a great job with our Christmas Fishing activity last Bright Lights meeting. Hope you all had as much fun as I did :) I'm posting Evan's group's pictures and videos in this post and Phoebe will be posting the pictures from my team in another post.

For those of you who were't there, here's what the girls had to collect as part of our Christmas fishing activity:

A video of:
team giving out 50 tracts to adults
team singing 3 carols in 2 different places
team explaining the candy cane story to 20 children
2 different team members taking a Christmas Survey

A photo of:
a Christmas tree
someone kissing a star
something red
something white

Note: neither team was able to complete all the tasks due to the incessant rain which kept the residents of the condo indoor. Thankfully, the rain stopped just before we started our activity but still, there were few people around to witness to.

Girl's in Evan's group: Joy, Carmen, Danielle, Phoebe, Sarah and Grace

Joy kissing a "star"

I don't know who's idea this was but it sure is creative!

A christmas stocking

Evan's group singing silent night in Chinese to a man -- umm, I think this was the man they complained about who kept smoking while they sang ;)

Evan sharing the candy cane legend with some little girls they found at the playground. We must have given these poor girls a fright! Both teams spotted them at the same time and rushed to reach them...*sigh* Evan's team ran faster...

They had more videos but I won't be posting all of them here as it will take too long. Great work everyone! Thanks for being so game in completing the tasks I gave you ;)

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  1. Nice blog set up, Jolynn! It looks so nice, just like your room:) hehe... Anyway, the pictures and videos posted look great too! Ya that was the uncle that kept smoking in our was so funny, we all kept kept coughing and fanning away the smoke while Evan was trying to talk to him. haha:)


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