Bye Jolynn...continued...

Yes, Jolynn left for America early Thursday morning! I thought I'd just post a few pictures of her departure.

Having an early breakfast...

Carmen and Phoebe drinking hot barley

Happy little Jonadab!

Pris and Evan eating kaya toast

A group picture!

Jolynn's family

Jonadab wants to go too!

Okay, that's it! We'll definitely miss Jolynn so so so much! Remember to pray for her! :)


  1. yup, I'll miss all of you too:( Thanks so much, those of you who came to send me off, it was great to see you one more time before I left. Really appreciate all of you waking up so early too.

  2. Wow...those pictures in the airport bring back lots of memories!
    I miss all of you!!!!
    I love your blog. Great job--keep it up!
    -Grace Mally


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