Hi from USA!

A big HELLO from Indianapolis, USA!

How are you all doing? (pls post comments if you don't write emails;)

Things here have been going well for me. I was a little homesick and depressed the first week I was here, but by God's grace I overcame that. Well, so much has happened since I said a teary goodbye to all of you at Changi airport. It is almost two weeks since I left! I don't know where I should start to tell you about all I've learned so far.

Here are some photos to start off...

me studying with my hand on my forehead due to a difficult harmony problem

my course-mates and I at Wal-mart (there are just 3 of us on this course)

having lunch in the dining room (I usually share a table with these girls

The view outside my window.

Anyways, just thought I'ld share with you one way that God worked in my life last week.

So here goes....

The story starts when I was feeling homesick and depressed, as I mentioned before. The reason I was feeling that way was rather selfish. You see, I had been here almost a week and I had been no where except church and the statehouse. And I'm so used to going out everyday in Singapore and being able to go out whenever I wanted to. Well, its different here! I'm not allowed to go out alone because the area is unsafe. Anyway, I really, really , really wanted to go out. So I prayed to God that I would be able to go out. But I also complained to my mom and some friends about it.

The next day, I was reading Luke 15. Its the chapter about the prodigal son. The verses that really stood out to me were verses 17-19. In these verses, the prodigal son reflects on his situation and asks himself what is he doing feeding the pigs and perishing in hunger when he had a rich father whose servants lived a better life then him. I know this is not the normal way we would interpret this passage, but to me, it seemed that God was saying: why are you lamenting about not being able to go out. You can't do anything about it but I can! Don't you believe that I can make it possible for you? Can I not do everything? Haven't you heard testimonies of how I answer the prayers of those who serve me?

It was amazing to me how the prodigal son had no doubt that his father could help him. So in the same way, I then prayed that God would take away my will and make it His. And that I would believe that if it were God's will for me to go out it would come to pass.

The next day, I heard some girls mentioning over lunch that there was a shopping trip planned to wal-mart for that day. I was really excited and asked if I could go, but they said that normally music students couldn't go as the trip was planned for the staff at the training centre. So I was sad, but I thought it was God's will so I didn't really mind. Later on, I heard someone mentioning that the trip was full already so I thought well, anyway I couldn't have gone. And it was amazing how many times God tested me, how many times I gave up complete hope of going out on that shopping trip. So throughout the day I wanted to ask if there was anyway that I could go, but I didn't really dare to, so I prayed that my room-mate would want to go to and ask for me. Well, the shopping trip was to be at 7pm that day and at 5pm still nothing had happened. Then around 5.15pm, I was working in my room and my room-mate suddenly came in and said she was going to ask if she could go for the shopping trip. So I told her to ask for me too. I was so excited, thinking that I would finally get to go! But she came back and told me that the shopping trip was indeed full and there were 3 of us on the waiting list. So I thought nevermind...maybe it isn't God's will. Then at dinner, we met the girl who was driving everyone there and she said she would check and see if there was any extra space like if anyone decided not to go. So at 7pm that day, when the shopping trip was supposed to be, we went downstairs and asked how the situation was. And you know what? There was just enough space for EVERYONE to go!

Wow, I'm sorry, that was a really long story!

But I hope you understand my point. Wanting to go out on a shopping trip was a really small thing. I mean, it was a want, not even a need. But we have a great God cares about the desires of our heart. Isn't that wonderful? He might not always answer our prayers exactly the way we tell him to, but he knows what's best for us.

Actually, the real end of my story is that last Sunday, I managed to meet up with a lady who is the daughter of our pastor in Singapore. She brought me out and offered to bring me to the stores to buy some things I need this coming Sunday. She's really nice! So God really answered my prayer in more ways then one.

So, that's just one of the things I learnt last week. I'm currently taking a course in Principles of harmony and will be doing this for the next month. Its a great course of study, examining what goes into pleasing music and we are learning how to compose music too!

So I hope you are all doing well. How did the last Bright Lights meeting go?

I thought I'ld end with this hymn that I heard for the first time last week at church. Its called "The old fashioned way". It really reminded me of how in our Christian walk we should not be ashamed of being called old-fashioned in our convictions and ideas but to declare that what is right is what I will do.
They call me old-fashioned because I believe
That the Bible is God's Holy Word.
That Jesus who lived among men long ago
Is divine and the Christ of God

My sin was old-fashioned, My guilt was old-fashioned,
God's love was old-fashioned I know, And the way I was saved was the old-fashioned way, Through the blood that makes whiter than snow.
Old-fashioned, because I believe and accept
Only what has been spoken from heav'n;
Old-fashioned, because at the cross I was saved,
At the cross I had my sin forgiv'n.
Old-fashioned, because I am bound to do right,
To walk in the straight, narrow way;
Because I have given my whole life to God,
Old-fashioned because I pray.

Have a great day as you continue to shine as a Bright Light to those around you.

God bless!


  1. Hey Jolynn,
    your view seems nice and the people there seems nice too..haha..
    well may the Lord continue to help you and strengthen you in every way:)
    rememberimg you in prayers,love you<3 miss you too:)

  2. Hi Jolynn,

    Great to hear from you!
    I like that church hymn, this is the first time I've ever heard it.It's wonderful how God works in our lives in different ways, how He shows himself real to us.

    Trust in the LORD always and I pray that He will continue to guide you and give you strength.

  3. Jolynn,

    Thank you for posting. Your stories were so encouraging! It's fun to read long, detailed stories about how the Lord is working in other's lives. What a wonderful Lord we have - He even cares about whether or not we go shopping at Walmart! :-)

    I'm praying for you, and I can't wait to see you in a few months!!!

  4. Hey Jolynn,

    That's a really great testimony that testifies of God's love and goodness. I agree with Bekah that it's fun to read stories of how the Lord works in each other's lives! I'm happy for you that you've got a roommate now and getting to meet other girls too. And I'm glad also that you were able to get batteries for your camera! :-) Haha. Take care and continue to trust in God's unfailing love!

  5. Sorry, that was Danielle. I forgot to sign my name at the end of the comment above:P

  6. Thanks for posting Civila Martin's gospel song, "The Old-Fashioned Way," one of her lesser known ones. Today is the 143 anniversary of her birth. If you'd like to learn a bit more, you can check out my blog for today on Wordwise Hymns. God bless.


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