8 Attitudes to Gaining a Clear Conscience

Our Bright Lights meeting on 11 Feb 2008 was the first meeting we ever had without Jolynn, now that she's in the States!

This meeting, we learned about gaining a clear conscience. Here's what we covered...

What does a good conscience involve?
- Every thought (II Cor. 10:5)
- Every word (Matt. 12:36)
- Every deed (II Cor. 5:10)
- Every motive (Jeremiah 17:9-10)
- Every attitude (Prov. 6:13-14)

There are eight attitudes to help us gain a clear conscience:
1. Poor in spirit -- One who is bankrupt, e.g., a beggar. We should be grateful for what we have.
2. True mourning -- Breaking up the hardness of our hearts.
3. Meekness -- Yielding our rights to the Lord.
4. Spiritual hunger -- Hunger and thirst for righteousness.
5. Mercy -- Clearing our conscience.
6. Peaceableness -- Making consolation. Peace = making the first step to ask for forgiveness. Clearing our conscience.
7. Purity of heart -- Dealing with our root problems.
8. Willingness to suffer -- Clearing our conscience. It may be painful. Humble ourselves. When we have this attitude, God will give us grace.

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  1. hey Carmen!!!
    thank you for blogging that,it relly helps if you need to recall what we learned..wells since i wasnt there..that really helped me loads...thank you so mucch for the great job you girls have been doing in updating the blog site..haha..thank you once again:)


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