Bright Lights Meeting on 11 Feb 08

Here are the pictures from the Bright Lights meeting! :-)

The moms having their Bible Study

(Clock-wise from left: aunty Ruth, aunty Sarah, aunty Sek Jen, aunty Jackie, my mom, aunty Jenny)

The Chandeliers having small group

(Clock-wise from left: Annabelle, Elizabeth, Petra, Evangeline, Carmen)

The Sparklers playing pictionary! (They had words like clear-conscience, forgiveness, resurrection, guilty-conscience, radiant, and so on!)

Clock-wise from bottom left: Naomi, Natalie, Rebecca, Hannah, Joy

My group (the Sparklers) baking raisin-oat bars taught by Emily Marie

Naomi and Rebecca baking!

And here we are mixing the yu sheng! (courtesy of aunty Jenny - not the pictures; the yu sheng, I mean)

"Let's eat it quickly before Uncle Bernard comes and finishes it!"

Evangeline: "Girls! The traditional way to eat yu sheng is from the plate, not from the table!"

"Let's hurry and get done with this so we can eat!"

Many hands make work light!

Yup, that's it! And we missed all of you who couldn't make it! :-) See you at the next meeting!

P.S. I think Carmen did a great job on the post about the topic of Keeping a Clear Conscience! :-)
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