Pray for the Nations Day!

On Aug 4, since it was near Singapore's National Day, we had a Bright Lights meeting that wasn't actually a normal session but one where we wore different national costumes/attire of a particular nation and brought food from that country as well. :) Here are some photos from that day!
It started with singing lessons as usual, with Ms. Hazel. Phoebe played her flute, which was nice:)
Evangeline singing some songs for us!
Ms. Hazel shares some facts and prayer needs for the Philippines
Petra, Suyin and I: India!
Natalie: Sweden!
Priscilla: Japan!
Abigail: America!
Evangeline (left): Vietnam!
Phoebe (right): Jordan!
Jumping for Joy!!:)
Natalie, Petra, Danielle and Naomi leaping in the air too:)A surprise birthday brownie for Evangeline!:)
After the whole thing, we played Captain's Ball around the cul-de-sac. It was so fun!:) We had quite a lot of people to participate, so that was good.
Josiah grabs the ball from Priscilla!

We thank God that He has blessed Singapore in so many ways and that we all are in His family! Remember to pray for the Nations around us. :) God bless!


  1. wow! everyone looked great, with diverse kinds of costumes and "nationalities!" I think it was a splendid idea to have this particular meeting in such a colorful way! :)

  2. hey cassandra, it was nice of you to drop by!:) yes, I agree that it was a great idea of Evangeline's to celebrate National day in this way!:)


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