Wedding singing

On July 26, some of us Bright Lights girls went to sing at a wedding of some friends of the Moi's who are from Rangers! The song we sang was titled Cherish the Treasure. We really thank God because we only had one practice before the day itself, but by His grace it turned out pretty okay! :) And I think we all enjoyed ourselves.
Practicing the singing before the wedding - we had to memorize the score, but thankfully there was a mini screen of which we could see the words. :)
More practicing... Philip and Nathaniel sang with us too!
Doing the photo shoot after the practice! [we could relax a little bit:)] From left to right: Danielle Moi, Gabrielle, Abigail, Petra, me, Evangeline, Phoebe and Priscilla.
Making a star with our pretty shoes:)
Some of the lyrics of the songThe 'Angelic Voices' (as the MC called us) taking a picture with the couple, Kum Kit and Stephanie
These were the cute little chocolates that were served at the reception... chocolicious!

This is a video my mom took of us singing the song... it's kinda soft, but yeah, hope you all enjoy seeing it! :) And that's it! God bless!

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