Scavenger Hunt

We recently had a very interesting scavenger hunt at the Botanic Gardens!
Though it began to rain, we still had fun!
One of the teams that competed (there were a total of two) made some mistakes as to where the end point was, and that team ended up on the other end of the Botanic Gardens, most unfortunately! They made it in the end, but after a lot of walking. (Names are not mentioned to protect the guilty.)
Pictures coming soon; I'm having trouble with blogger here cos they won't let me upload pictures!! So sorry for delay :( As soon as blogger works again with uploading photos, I'll also put some up here from our lastest meetings. :) Do check back soon!
Till then, God bless y'all! :)


  1. Looking forward to seeing the pics. Glad y'all had fun at Botanic gardens! :)
    By the way, the new blogskin is really nice. I like the caption "Bright lights... in the darkness of Singapore," and the scrapbook themed blogskin.

    :) Natalie Law


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