Accepting the Way God Made You

Anybody still remember the meeting we had last March at Abigail's house when Evangeline taught the meeting on Accepting the Way God Made You? :) When we did the "human caterpillar" (writing things on the paper on someone else's back)?
Well, here we are again! This time it was Jolynn teaching it. I find it pretty amazing because no matter how many times we study this topic, and no matter how many times someone teaches it to us, I still learn something new.
Some things we did on Monday:
001. saw pictures that Evangeline (yes, she's back!!!!) showed us from her 6-month time in Australia and Africa with YWAM.
002. sang some of the old Bright Lights songs, like I Will Be Your Shield and Grace! It was so nice, singing them again with Evan at the piano.
003. watched a documentary on Joseph Merrick (aka the Elephant Man) and how he accepted the way God made him.
004. did the design experiment! (in my small group) It was pretty funny.
  • Thank God for the way He has made you, especially for the things you dislike about yourself.
  • Put yourself back on "God's easel" and purpose to cooperate with Him in developing inward qualities.


  1. loooove the new blog skin and designs jolynn!!! <3

  2. haha...thanks:)
    I like it too!
    Thanks for posting. I'm looking forward to the pictures!


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