We had a camp-out at Pasir Ris Park in May. Some families stayed overnight in the chalet that we booked (both in tents and in the chalet's bedrooms) while others came the day after for cycling, games and a BBQ dinner. Although it rained, we still had a lot of fun!:) Those that slept out in the tents got woken up by the storm in the middle of the night and they had to come inside to sleep, but the next morning we all enjoyed a good time at morning devotions that Uncle Stu led.

Some of the highlights and pictures:

A lunch of tin-foil-chicken (??) taught by Auntie Suzi and Uncle Joseph. We cut potatoes and carrots and tomatoes and along with chicken and sausages, wrapped them in aluminum and cooked them over the barbecue pit.

The packets of food cooking. Rotate the packet every five minutes, and once it bloats up, it's cooked. It was a really good meal :)

Games led and planned by Carolyn! There were a lot of team relay races (such as the three-legged race and others), and everyone enjoyed it, especially the younger children.

And, of course, we played Captain's Ball, where everyone had a ball of a time.

It was a pretty exciting game because though one team got the ball more times than the other, the latter team scored more often. :)

It was the eve of Mother's Day so everyone gathered together, and the fathers sang Blessed Assurance while the Bright Lights girls sang Beth from Psalm 119 as a serenade to the moms. :)
It was a great gathering and was a lot of fun! We're looking forward to the next one. :)

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