A Big Thank You

This is wishing our dear mothers a very blessed and slightly belated Mother's Day!! Our moms have been very supportive, encouraging, hospitable and gracious in helping out with Bright Lights, and we're very grateful for that!
Every fortnight they put in a lot of effort in shuttling us to the meetings, in preparing food, in organizing events, and just in being of assistance in any way possible.


It is definitely by God's grace that we've come this far.

While we're being thankful...
Here are some videos from a Bright Lights meeting long ago, when we were studying Gratefulness. An activity we had to do was to compose words on the topic of gratefulness to familiar songs. (I was supposed to post it up after our meeting, which I didn't do, but I guess it ties in pretty nicely here too). They are both videos thanking the Lord for His provision:)

He's so good to me.

Thank God for trees.
Thank God for cheese.
Thank God for keys,
And for manatees.

I want to thank You
For all that You do.
You are so providing,
And I'll be grateful.

Gratefulness is
When you give thanks
For the things that He's given,
Like promising Heaven.
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