28 girls??

The day before a Bright Lights meeting, I usually have no idea how many girls will turn up. On the day itself, I kind of have an idea how many will come. So, its only when the meeting itself starts that I know how many girls we have. This particular meeting was unprecedented....a total of 28 girls attended! Its exciting to see what God is doing in Bright Lights here and I hope that all the girls will continue to join us.

Here are some pictures...

 All three small groups were in the Lynch's living room, so it was a little squashed:) Here is Abi teaching the older girls.

Elizabeth's team discussing something...

Danielle and Naomi's team having fun making Christmas cards.

Random note...I leaned a little too hard on the sofa (which you can see here at the bottom of the pic) and the back slid down, leaving me in a akward position, to say the least:) I didn't realise that it is a sofa bed!

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