When you have to say: I was wrong

"Researchers have discovered that 'sorry' isn't the hardest word to say - because three quarters of people rarely mean it. Seven out of ten people are not being honest when they apologise and simply say sorry to avoid confrontation or end an argument." -http://www.onepoll.com/press-archive/when-we-say-we-sorry-lie

Maybe 'sorry' isn't that hard of a word to say but admitting you were wrong and clearing your conscience takes a great deal of courage!

As I was growing up, my mom had one rule that we all knew that we weren’t allowed to break – no watching of the television. Well, one day when my mom was out running some errands, I was bored and decided that I would watch the television. It felt like I had discovered a forbidden paradise! 

Soon, my mom came back home and she didn’t find out what I had done so I continued doing that whenever she was out of the house. I felt bad about it and I knew that I was doing something that was wrong but it was hard to stop doing something that was so enjoyable. Many times when I read the Bible or listened to sermons in church I would feel really convicted but I told myself that I might confess to my mom someday, just not right then. 

This continued for a long time. One day, I decided that I couldn’t stand that guilty feeling and decided that I would confess my sin. But the thought of how angry my mom would be made me quickly postpone the idea. So I decided to confess it only to God. That was a win-win situation, I reasoned. My mom wouldn't know (and get angry) and I could erase my guilty feelings (or so I thought). Well, obviously that didn't work. Finally, I was so convicted that I decided I had to confess it to my mom. 

It was really hard but I realized that all the excuses I had for not confessing my sin were lies that satan had been using to hinder me. Of course, my mom forgave me and the immediate release and peace I felt was so worth it. 

Clearing your conscience might seem unnecessary and trivial to some but it is a really important habit that we should all cultivate in our lives!

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  1. thanks for sharing, Jolynn! that is very true..it is hard to admit when you were wrong. love the new header, btw! ;)


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