April+May 2011 in 6 pictures

Hi Girls! How have you all been?
I just realized the other day that I've been gone for almost two months and still haven't sent you all an update! Well, I have been really busy but hopefully I'll get better at doing this:)

So, here is my last two months summarized in 6 pictures...

Worked with Evan in the IBLP Headquarters kitchen.
Can you imagine how fun it is to work with a good friend in the kitchen all day?

My second Journey to the Heart!
It was a different experience than my first one...then the whole idea of "hearts" was new to me but this time I learnt to apply it to my life practically. The biggest key to doing so? Prayer!
Oh, and the snow was AMAZING! I couldn't stop taking pictures:)

Attended my first Regional ATI conference at Big Sandy, Texas!
It was fun to meet people I haven't seen for some time. The sessions were good but between volunteering in the dining room and being down with a bad cold I didn't get to sit in on many:(

I cannot believe that I didn't take a single picture while I was working in the Bright Lights office for a week and a half! Well, it was a very busy week and a half:) Grace Mally posted some pictures on her blog though. The Mallys were very encouraging of all my work but I think I benefited a lot more from them!

Went for Jordan's advancement ceremony from Alert Basic Training
This trip is interesting cause I get to meet up with different people from home at different parts of my trip. God knows that I get homesick! 

Right now, I'm still at Alert in Texas. I stayed on to volunteer and I'm having fun working in the camps and conferences office and with housekeeping. The work here is not busy so I've been having quite a lot of free time during which I've been spending time reading, journalling and catching up on blogging and emailing!

Do drop me an email when you are free! I would love to hear how you are doing and how I can pray for you. Since Bright Lights won't be meeting this June (and some of you are having school holidays!), use the time to read some good books or meet up with a friend who needs encouragement!

P.S. You can check out more pictures from my trip here.


  1. Hi Jolynn!

    Thanks for the updates! :) Btw, the blog looks pretty...haha. :D

    <3 Natalie

  2. aww fun stuff! i miss you ♥


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